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Mechanical Engineer by trade, Pratik moved to Australia 13 years ago and found a job working at a local Toyota dealership in Geelong. As years went by his passion for baking grew stronger. In 2018 he decided to quit his job as a mechanical engineer and start his journey with Brumby’s.

He wanted to be in the heart of Geelong, so he knew Belmont Village was the perfect area. Pratik starts baking every morning at 3:30am. He then opens at 7am and always serves his customers with a smile on his face. He stays until the end of the day so he can donate leftover bread to local communities and churches who help families in need. 

Head over to the Brumby’s store page for more information on your local bakery. Speak to Pratik if you’d like to know more about his wholesaler deals.

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