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Pardey’s Pharmacy

Pardeys’ Pharmacy Belmont Village is an iconic business located in the heart of Geelong. Alex Bell was involved with Pardey’s Pharmacy from 1929, until David, his grandson took over in 1985. With family values at the key of their success, David’s focus has been to maintain an old-fashion approach to drive emphasis on customer service, and future thinking for innovative developments.

By his side is Kris who manages the store day in day out. Kris has been a part of the Pardey’s family since she was a teenager working after school hours. Throughout the 34 years at Pardey’s, Kris has made the pharmacy a community hub for the local elderly and sick to feel safe and appreciated.  

Pardey’s Pharmacy specialise in many services from compounding, IVF support, delivery, Webster-paks and more. Visit Pardey’s Pharmacy store page to learn more.

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