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Belmont’s Finest Meats

David and his family made the big move from Sydney to Geelong at an early age. David’s family bought Belmont’s Finest Meats in 2015, where he works full-time. David worked at a butcher after school when he was 14 for pocket money, but as he grew older he knew he wanted to continue serving customers the finest meats. 

David sources all meats locally so he knows it is the finest meats in Belmont. He focuses on high quality meats that are “made with love”. Getting to know the customers are an important factor for the service provided by David and his family. The passion David’s family have is recognised from all the trophies that greet you on the front counter as you walk through the doors. 

Visit David and his family today for your very own slice of the finest meats in Belmont. Learn more about their trading hours here

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